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Class Information

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     Speech Therapy Department




The class schedules for the speech-language pathologists at Bonne Ecole Elementary vary daily.  The therapists may be involved in various forms of therapy for articulation (sound production), phonological awareness, expressive language, fluency, voice, and auditory processing every day. Therapy is provided in a variety of settings throughout the school such as in the regular education classroom, special education classroom, as well as in the direct therapeutic setting.


Therapists are also involved in a new federal initiative called SALSA (Speech and Language Therapy for All) at Bonne Ecole Elementary.  This involves going into regular and special education class settings and assisting the teacher to meet the needs of not only the speech and language impaired students in those classes, but any regular education student who may need assistance academically with speech related skills.


The therapists are also involved in an excellent program called Fast ForWord.  This is a web-based, intensive computerized program which helps students from 2nd to 6th grade with auditory processing, sequencing, attention, and memory skills.  The students who are chosen for this program must be at risk academically in the areas of reading for decoding, fluency, and  comprehension skills as well as language and auditory processing skills. To find out more information about Fast For Word,  click here. If you have any questions about our programs please email us.

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